Growing Up In An Armenian Home Taught Me To Appreciate What I Have, But NEVER FORGET 
Where I Came From...
Hey, my name is Nicholas Parmigiano, and I am of Armenian-Italian descent. I used to live with my grandfather, Hagop Hagopian. Growing up, I was told stories about how difficult my grandfather's life was growing up in USSR-controlled Armenia. He told me how he used to wait in line for food for his family, and how he eventually succeeded in bringing his family to the United States from Yerevan in hopes to live the "American Dream."        
Growing up Armenian, we take pride in our foods, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be a part of such a rich culture.
This is a picture of my mother before my grandfather moved her to America.  

She was standing with her great-grandfather, Armenak.  I was told how he had survived the Armenian Genocide, but never saw his younger brothers again because they were killed during that horrible time.  

I realized that this is ONE person's story, from ONE Armenian family.  

How many other families have lived through this and have similar stories to tell?  

Every April, the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, we pray for all of our family members who perished from 1914-1923.  

But shouldn't they be remembered and honored EVERY day of the year, not just in April.   

Armenian Remembrance Band

One of the most common things I remember hearing from my grandfather was how each generation of "Armenian-Americans" was drifting further and further away from our heritage. 

He'd always tell me that life had been better here in America compared to the life he was living in Armenia, but that we should NEVER FORGET who we are, our Armenian Heritage, and where we came from. 

This is why I designed the Armenian Remembrance Band. 

I wear this to SHOW my Armenian appreciation for everything my grandfather did to bring his family here to America in order to give me a BETTER LIFE.  

And I feel that no one should forget what Armenians endured to get to where they are today.  

When you wear this band, people will ask you what it symbolizes...And you will tell them all about our culture.  

You will tell them YOUR story.

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